Martial Arts Persistence pays Off for flooded School

denham springs ata martial arts jfk martial arts repaired school 9 2016 225x300 Martial Arts Persistence pays Off for flooded School
Inspired Martial Arts re-opened on 9/26/16 after the historic floods last month.  Persistence abound as parents and students refused to let the flood defeat their school.


weapon wall 225x300 Martial Arts Persistence pays Off for flooded School
Inspired Martial Arts school is back.  The persistence of many students and black belts helped bring the school  through the flood last month.


Persistence is a key word for martial artist.  In Denham Springs, Inspired martial Arts in proving that notion.  The devastating floods last month pushed four feet of water into their school.  Many of their students experienced damage to their homes as well.  Through all the turmoil, the martial arts community joined with Inspired Martial Arts owners, Senior Master Jason and Rachel Dendy, to clean up and get the school ready to teach again.

Children and adults that train in martial arts understand persistence well.  Often, students are faced with learning a difficult new technique or pushing themselves to make a state or national title.  Hours of training turn into days and months of preparation for a single event.  Karate for kid’s students use this same persistence at school to achieve educational goals and adults do in it their professional careers.

Students and instructors from JFK Martial Arts and Live Confident Karate teamed up with the students in Denham Springs to clean up and get the school back together.  The clean up began a few days after the flood.  Persistence was the key word of the day as thick mud covered everything.  Slowly, over the span of six weeks, the construction process finished.  Finally, on Monday, 9/28/16 Inspired Martial Arts students received their welcomed relief from cleaning up their community: their first official karate workout in a month.

Persistence is defined as continuing a course of action despite any problems or difficulties.   The flood in August certainly gave Inspired Martial Arts and its students great problems.  They rose up and with the help of their extended martial arts friends and family from Mandeville and Slidell, they defeated those issues and are now back training towards their goals.