Karate Kids and Self Esteem

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Karate kids feel better about themselves and perform better at school and in other activities.

Here at JFK Martial Arts our karate for kids students are always celebrating personal victories.  Whether its gaining an understanding of the newest technique, winning a competition or achieving their new rank at belt promotions, each success is celebrated.  Small victories such as mastering a new move turn into larger victories like attaining a martial arts black belt.  The bigger the achievement, the bigger the celebration.

Self Esteem Helps students deal with peer pressure and bullying[fbshare url=”https://www.facebook.com/JFK-Martial-Arts-Mandeville-234054793300974/” type=”button” width=”100″] 

This positive re-enforcement brings a kid’s self esteem through the roof.  A positive self worth is what children use like a body shield to ward off peer pressure.  Their self esteem also enhances their confidence to take on challenging task at school or at home.  Does your child have the feeling of positive self esteem? Contact one of our three karate for kids locations and see if our program can help.


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