JFK Martial Arts’ Karate Kids Demonstrate Discipline

jfk martial arts karate kids discipline thropy 3 2016 300x208 JFK Martial Arts Karate Kids Demonstrate Discipline
Karate Kids at JFK Martial Arts celebrate their victory at the Lafayette tournament.

On 21 January 2017 JFK Martial Arts’ karate kids attended the Lafayette ATA Regional Tournament.  The students have trained for months to prepare for the event.  Our martial arts program here at Just For Kicks teaches students, adults and karate kids, the importance of disciplined work.  This is the way they attain the proficiency necessary to be successful.

Having worked on their material in class, the karate kids presented their material in front of judges in eight different categories.  Medals were awarded for first through third place in each category.  JFK Martial Arts students earned more than 75 medals collectively at the event.

Martial Arts and the associated competitions help improve karate kids confidence.  Life skills are a vital part of the martial arts experience at JFK Martial Arts.  Karate kids and adult self defense students are taught the importance of disciplined training as mentioned above.  Seeing their hard work pay off through competitive events or belt promotions not only enhances their confidence, it also empowers the students to perform well the next time they face a challenge.  That’s black belt confidence.

If you’re thinking about how to make your child feel better about themselves, give us a call and try our program.  JFK Martial Arts karate programs are for students 3 years old and up.  Give us a call.