JFK Martial Arts Covington Making a Difference

JFK Martial Arts Covington became the newest member of the JFK family.  The location on Highway 21 in Covington is primed to teach karate for kid students all about confidence and self-discipline.  The adult self defense program raises awareness while helping students get in top physical shape.

JFK martial arts covington store front discipline 12 2015 225x300 JFK Martial Arts Covington Making a Difference

As part of the grand opening, Chief Master Sergio VonSchmeling along with his wife, Mrs. Barbara VonSchmeling, hosted a leadership training seminar in October.  JFK Martial Arts karate for kids and adult students not only enhanced their physical abilities, but also learned the importance of black belt confidence and positive attitudes required to be successful at school or work.  Other special guests that day included Senior Master Jason Dendy of Inspired Martial Arts and Mr. Jude Grayson of Live Confident Martial Arts.