Discipline in Karate Pays Off at JFK Martial Arts

durel jfk martial arts respect 225x300 Discipline in Karate Pays Off at JFK Martial Arts
Mrs. Brandy Durel, ATA Southern District Champ.
rem guidera jfk martial arts attitude 225x300 Discipline in Karate Pays Off at JFK Martial Arts
MS. Remmie Guidera, LA State Champ.
LA State Champ  Ms. Reina Dicks.
LA State Champ Ms. Reina Dicks.
fiechtner chap jfk martial arts confidence
ATA Southern District Champ, Mr. Danny Fiechtner.
lugg jfk martaial arts dedication
LA State Champ, Ms. Charlotte Lugg.
medus champ jfkmartialarts discipline
LA State Champ, Ms. Victoria Medus.
galloway jfk martial arts persistence
LA State Champ, Ms. Emily Galloway.

Several karate students at JFK Martial Arts Mandeville who showed karate discipline throughout the year saw their hard work payoff.  The American Taekwondo Association recently held their annual District and World Championships.  JFK Martial Arts Mandeville students Daniel Fiechtner, Remmie Guidera, Rosie Guidera, Joey Broussard and Brandy Durel competed at the Southern District Championships in Plano, TX.  Mr. Fiechtner won District Titles in Forms, Sparring, Weapons and Combat Sparring.  Mrs. Durel won a District Title in XMA Weapons.

Mr. Fiechtner also had the honor of competing for a World Title at the ATA world Championships in Little Rock, AR.  Ms. Reina Dicks also competed for a World Title as well.  Both students placed at the event.  Mr  Fiechtner took 3rd in Combat Sparring and Ms. Dicks took 2nd in Combat Sparring.

Karate for kids and adult self defense students spend the tournament season, one year, training and competing in tournaments.  Discipline is a key element in sticking to one’s training regiment.  Victories at competition earn points.  The top ten competitors in each event in each state are eligible for the District Tournament.  The top ten competitors in each event in the world are eligible to compete for the world title.

Students finishing with Louisiana State Titles at JFK Martial Arts are MS. Dicks, Mr. Fiechtner, Victoria Medus, Remmie Guidera, Emily Galloway, Brandy Durel, Dominick Swiber, and Charlotte Lugg.  Awesome job demonstrating karate discipline.

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