Here at JUST FOR KICKS Martial Arts, we offer a variety of different summer programs for all ages, starting at the age of 3. Karate students will be taught a variety of different like skills. These  life skills that are  acquired here at JFK Martial Arts are life skills needed for a foundation for successful […]

JUST FOR KICKS Karate for kids demonstrate commitment in every class, from beginning to the end, accomplishing every task that is put before them. Students begin in the basic level class, by showing commitment, students will soon advance to higher level classes where commitment is a necessary life skill in every class. Commitment taught at […]

Here at JUST FOR KICKS Martial Arts karate for kids demonstrate discipline (a life skill needed for success) on a daily basis. Throughout class, karate students are taught to be very attentive while being engaged in various discipline exercises. Students who demonstrate discipline on a daily basis are more likely to be more triumphant and […]

Here at JFK Martial Arts, karate for kids and adult self defense students earn their new ranks this Thursday, 12-17-15.  By show-casing their material, students not only move toward achieving their goal of becoming a confident black belt, they also enhance their self-esteem through the accomplishment.  JUST FOR KICKS Martial Arts specializes in enhancing student’s […]