As the new year rings in, karate kids at JFK Martial Arts have goals set and are training to achieve even greater things than 2016.  The discipline learned in JFK Martial Arts’ Karate for Kids Program educates children on the importance of working hard until the goal is obtained. Too often, our students want to […]

Regional Tournament JFK Martial Arts hosted an American Taekwondo Association Tournament in Ponchatoula, LA on November 12, 2016.  Karate kids and adults students from across the southeastern United States put their skills to the test.  Events included forms, weapons, sparring, combat sparring and both free hand and weapons competition in creative and XMA forms.  All […]

Training in martial arts help children and adult students feel better about themselves.  With each new technique mastered, each new belt earned, students feel prouder of their accomplishments.  That empowerment then rolls over into other areas of a karate kid or adult student’s life.  Children who are more sure on themselves are not afraid of […]

JFK Martial Arts Covington began classes October 1, 2015.  Since then, the third location of Just For Kicks Martial Arts has brought karate life skills and valuable self defense lessons to the Covington community. Ms. Jennifer Hoover, a 4th degree black belt and certified instructor, is the instructor and has a long history with JFK […]