Pre-School Karate Kids

Just For Kicks ATA Black Belt Academy is a place where Pre-school kids grow their self confidence and can come to learn martial arts in a safe and stress free ...


Karate for Kids

Karate for Kids classes at Just For Kicks ATA Black Belt Academies, in 2201 11th St, Mandeville, Louisiana 70471 and 3132 E. Judge Perez Dr., Meraux Louisiana 70075 are a great ...


Men’s Martial Arts

Just For Kicks ATA Black Belt Academy classes utilize a top level team of Instructors, under the supervision and guidance of Martial Arts Instructor, Andrew Beaujeaux. They have designed, incorporated ...


Women’s Martial Arts

Women are looking to break away from the traditional workouts that become boring and repetitive in nature. Women want a healthy way to stay fit that isn’t the same daily ...


Karate Kids Focus on the Positives

JFK Mandeville Karate Kids keep their thoughts focused on the positives. Do ...

Persistence: Train Hard. Stay at It … Reap the Rewards

According to the famous poet Robert Frost, “The best way out is ...

Whatever you do.. Keep going forward. Karate Persistence

Confucius says, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long ...

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The Family that Kicks Together Sticks Together Part 2

When parents join their children in karate class, they both benefit in several ways. The active routine provides “quality time” that they don’t get at home or in sports where one party is just a spectator. Children often see their parents in a new light. They are more open to discussions about values and virtues….

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The Family that Kicks Together Sticks Together Part 1

Martial arts have been shown to provide mental and physical health benefits like weight loss, muscle gain, stress relief, and self-confidence. Karate training also reduces depression, improves circulation, and improves overall health of the body. Now more than ever, lots of parents, kids, and siblings are training together. This builds family unity and gives everyone…

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Karate Persistence Help Karate Kids Achieves Goals

JFK Mandeville Karate Kids are taught to use their imagination to push through difficult situations to achieve goals. There are rough lessons at school, difficult karate techniques and situations at home that trip people up. Sometimes our first attempt is not enough. One must re-evaluate, create a new plan and try again. That is the […]

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