Pre-School Karate Kids

Just For Kicks ATA Black Belt Academy is a place where Pre-school kids grow their self confidence and can come to learn martial arts in a safe and stress free ...


Karate for Kids

Karate for Kids classes at Just For Kicks ATA Black Belt Academies, in 2201 11th St, Mandeville, Louisiana 70471 and 3132 E. Judge Perez Dr., Meraux Louisiana 70075 are a great ...


Men’s Martial Arts

Just For Kicks ATA Black Belt Academy classes utilize a top level team of Instructors, under the supervision and guidance of Martial Arts Instructor, Andrew Beaujeaux. They have designed, incorporated ...


Women’s Martial Arts

Women are looking to break away from the traditional workouts that become boring and repetitive in nature. Women want a healthy way to stay fit that isn’t the same daily ...


Just For Kicks Chalmette Awarded Business of the Month!

Just For Kicks Karate for Kids in Chalmette is awarded Business of ...

Persistence! Stick To It Til You Do It

JFK Mandeville Karate Kids train hard. Persistent training and solid preparation help ...

Martial Arts Persistence: Never Saying “I Can’t”

Just For Kicks Chalmette Karate for Kids demonstrates persistence by focusing on ...

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Karate Kid’s Persistence Keeps Students on Successful Path

Life is full of twist and turns. JFK Mandeville Karate For Kids and adult self defense students learn the importance of pushing through the curves thrown at us on the way to accomplishing our goals. Whether it is a difficult test at school or a challenging project at work, black belt persistence and proper preparation […]

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The Language of Martial Arts Leadership Part 1

Karate training gives students a new outlook on life by learning, applying, and adopting virtues like respect, honor, and discipline. Parents applaud the many opportunities to show and instill their values, which become lifelong habits with regular practice. One of the most important benefits of martial arts training is the character building that comes with…

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Karate Kids Learn Importance of Persistence

The same persistence that led the Allied Forces to victory in World War II is what Mandeville Karate Kids and adult self defense students learn to apply toward their daily goals. The best grades, promotions at work, physical fitness goals, that next belt promotion… All are accomplished with black belt persistence. JFK Chalmette Karate for […]

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